OCTOBER 13—18, 2014
Moscow, Russia

Visa Information

Panorama of winter Vladimir

Participants are requested to ensure that they are in possession of a valid passport recognized by the Government of the Russian Federation and to obtain, as appropriate, an entry visa from the embassy of the Russian Federation in the country from which they will be travelling – or from the nearest embassy or consulate of the Russian Federation – prior to entering the Russian Federation.

Participants are advised to apply directly with the nearest embassy or consulate of the Russian Federation and not to use the services of any intermediate agent.

For more information on visa requirements, participants should contact the nearest diplomatic or consular office of the Russian Federation and visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation at http://mid.ru/zu_r.nsf/strawebeng. An invitation letter will be issued by the Russian authorities for official participants to COP who need an entry visa to the Russian Federation as it is a requirement for the visa application. Invitations letters from the Russian authorities will be issued upon confirmation that an official nomination was received by the Convention Secretariat.

Once in a procession of an invitation letter, participants may apply with it  directly to the nearest diplomatic or consular office.

Participants from countries that have a special visa agreement with the Russian Federation may be exempt from the visa requirement and as such can stay in the Russian Federation without a visa up to a determined period, depending on the type of agreement between the two countries. Queries may be addressed to the COP6 Organizing Committee in Moscow by email to local@cop6russia.org.