OCTOBER 13—18, 2014
Moscow, Russia


morning winter snow church Russia

Russia is the largest country on earth in terms of area, with enormous tracts of land that have been opened to travelers only in the last few years. And international visitors are attracted more and more by this great country with honest and hospitable people, magnificent culture, ethnical and nature diversity, unbounded open lands, beautiful sceneries and vivid interestings cities and calm rhythms of quite and measure living (http://www.visitrussia.com/).

Throwing off the traditions of communist uniformity, Russia becomes a nation of diversity and tremendous vitality. Russia is in full culture, scientific and economic bloom now. Highly developing infrustructure allows Russia to become the venue of the following significant worldest events: Sochi Olympic and Paralimpic Games 2014, Summit G8 (2006), Summit G20 (2013), St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Summit BRICS (2009), Summer Universiade in Kazan (2013), 2014 Formula One Season in Sochi.